We all have heard it time and time again, a healthy body can heal itself. No where is that more true than in the Laser Tattoo Removal Industry. Yes, the laser does the work of breaking down the ink in small fragmented particles which enable the body’s own immune system to flush it out. But did you know, a healthy body can speed up the healing process and promote quicker fading of that unwanted tattoo?

So it reasons to say, that a tattoo that is on or close to your upper torso would heal at a faster rate than a tattoo that is on your calf or ankle simply due to its close proximity to the heart which pumps the blood through your body. The same blood that carries away those fragmented ink particles present after a laser tattoo removal session.

Ideally you want to take the following precautions to promote healthy healing and damage to your skin:

1. Make sure the treated area stays clean and dry throughout the healing process.

2. Avoid sunlight exposure to treated area. Best to cover it up if you are heading to the beach as well as apply a sunscreen with a SPF of 25 or more around the treated covered up area.

3. Avoid soaking in swimming pools, hot tubs. Due to the many chemicals and oils present in this environment, infection risk to the treated area can be quite high.

4. Do not pick or meddle with any blisters that arise after treatment. Picking or popping scabs during the healing process may lead to serious infection. Most blisters will rupture on their own. In the event that this happens, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment onto the affected area until the skin has healed.

5. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Maintaining a healthy immune system will encourage faster healing and fading.

Being consciousness of the healing process and following the above mentioned steps can help you achieve the goal your after with less cost and fewer treatments. For a detailed instructions for Aftercare please view our aftercare page instructions