Our Laser Technology

The Astanza Trinity

laser tattoo removal in philadelphiaInk Away Laser Tattoo Removal has invested in the latest, most advanced tattoo removal technology to ensure our patients receive nothing but the best in service, removal, and results. Developed by Astanza, the leaders in laser tattoo removal technology, our Trinity laser system is used by the top tattoo removal practices around the world.

This sophisticated technology combines the powers of a Q-switched Nd:YAG and ruby laser and is able to penetrate deep into the skin and shatter the widest range of ink colors in fewer sessions with limited side effects. The Astanza Trinity features three reliable wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, and 694 nm – for complete removal coverage on the most colorful tattoos. Especially resistant inks like vibrant green and bright blue that are considered untreatable by traditional lasers.

This state-of-the art laser system emits high pulse energy in ultra-short pulses of 6000 picoseconds, creating impressively high peak power for optimal ink shattering. This level of power stimulates efficient ink elimination and faster fading than any other laser on the market.

laser tattoo removal in philadelphiaOur Astanza Trinity features two different shaped homogenized flat-top beams, oval and square, that allow for even distribution of power, more precise ink targeting, reduced risks of unwanted side effects, and avoidance of laser pulse overlap on the skin. This intricate design allows for safer application and effective results on patients of all skin types.

The Astanza Trinity at Ink Away Laser Tattoo Removal is certain to deliver outstanding results on any unwanted tattoo of any color. Call our office today to schedule your consultation and experience for yourself just how amazing our technology is.

The Zimmer Cryo 6

laser tattoo removal in media, pennsylvaniaAlthough laser tattoo removal is a highly tolerable and very quick procedure, many patients are concerned about the discomfort associated with the laser. At InkAway, your comfort and satisfaction are our two main objectives. That is why we have invested in the Zimmer Cryo 6, the number one skin numbing solution for patients.

Unlike ice packs, numbing creams, and other skin numbing methods, the Cryo is able to cool the skin before, during, and after a treatment session, for fast, prolonged numbing of the treatment area. The Cryo directs freezing cold air (-30°C) deep into the skin where the ink is located, mitigating any discomfort or pain associated with the laser.

Since investing in the Zimmer Cryo 6 patients of InkAway are highly satisfied and eager to come in for treatment. The Cryo’s chilling abilities allow InkAway to treat ink more vigorously than other clinics, confirming that we can remove your ink faster and in fewer sessions.