Massachusetts Laser Company, Cynosure has been marketing their PicoSure laser as the answer to quick and painless tattoo removal. The Marketing effort claims to be the first ever picosecond laser that is able to remove tattoos faster than the traditional Q-Switch nanosecond lasers with minimal to no pain. Over and above this unsubstantiated claim, is the cost factor involve for a treatment, double the standard and usual rates charged nationally by Q- Switch laser practitioners. The PicoSure is also not approved to be used on all skin types. Moderately dark to very dark complected  individuals are not candidates for use with the PicoSure laser.

Don’t spend your hard earned dollars on something that may not work for you. In a Complaint and Jury Demand filed last June (2015) practitioners that have purchased the PicoSure laser filed a complaint against Cynosure claiming the laser is not delivering the results it was represented to deliver.

 See Filed compliant Against CynoSure. Or  Dermatologist Claim Laser Tattoo Removal Tool is a Fraud.

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In Summary, it is important to understand that tried and true may be the best practice in guaranteeing you results at an affordable price. For a better understanding on our Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal technology visit our Technology page.


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