Tattoos and the Workplace 2016

As we near a nation of roughly 325 million inhabitants, competition in the workforce grows more and more each year. Surprising in 2016 ,employers can legally make employment hiring and promoting decisions based on the artwork that adorns your body.

It can be stated that over 50 million Americans sport tattoos. Most being of the millennium generation born between 1980 and 2000.  The problem lies in the fact that most employment/human resource managers range in age from 40-60 years and have a very different perception of tattoos and their place in the work force. Some employers take it as far as having a tattoo free employment policy that all employers are expected to comply with.

It easy enough to cover up the ink in the workplace but realistically the average American works 2080 hours a year and that’s a lot of “cover up” time.  So eventually many workers are faced the cold fact that promotions and pay increases may out weigh the benefits of showing off their ink. Not surprising, laser tattoo removal has increased 440% from 2011.

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