Winter Is The Best Time Of Year For Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Winter is a popular time of year for skin and beauty treatments such as laser tattoo removal. This is the best time to recover from the laser sessions for numerous reasons.

The Sun

The medical laser technician will design a custom treatment package for your sensitivity level and skin color and type. It is still important to remain away from the sun for a few weeks before your treatment. Your results can be altered if your skin is tanned. Your skin will be more sensitive if you have a sunburn or a tan. This can cause a lot of irritation during your treatment. Blistering from a sunburn can also cause you to scar during the healing process.

Hyper-pigmentation occurs when your skin pigment is permanently removed. This is more obvious on dark or tanned skin. You also need to remain away from the sun for a few weeks after your treatment to give your skin time to heal. This is easier in the cooler winter because your skin is covered. You are also not spending as much time outside.

Your Progress

You treatments must be performed ten weeks apart. The number of treatments you will need depend on the colors and the quality of the ink used in your tattoo. Your tattoo fades gradually and will not look good. The winter is the perfect time to keep it covered. This is especially true if your tattoo is on an obvious area of your body. You can just put on a sweater, pants or scarf to avoid any questions.

Fun in the Water

You probably enjoy spending time in the water in the summer. Since this should be avoided while your tattoo is being removed, winter is an ideal time. Even if your tattoo is covered, you may be susceptible to irritants and bacteria from the water leading to scarring and infection prior to your healing being complete.

The Hair Factor

During your healing process, you cannot pluck, wax or shave the treated area. This can cause blisters and open scabs. This is inconsequential in the winter because the area will be covered anyway.

The Summer

Having your tattoo removed during the winter means you will be ready to put on your bikini by Memorial Day. Removing your tattoo will take months regardless of the size. Nobody will see your partially removed tattoo during the winter.

The Specifics of Laser Tattoo Removal

There are numerous reasons for laser tattoo removal such as faded ink. Your body’s immune system sees the ink as a foreign object and attacks. Your body removes the ink through waste and your sweat glands. This results in a distorted or faded tattoo. You can have it removed, covered up or touched up.

Most people have their tattoo removed so they have a clean canvas. Ink is injected into the skin’s dermal layer. The lasers target the ink’s pigment without any damage to the epidermis layer. This accelerates your natural healing process and immune system. This is why the ink continues to fade after the treatments. The process is quicker if you exercise and do not smoke.

Some people are worried they will not be able to handle the pain from the laser. This rarely happens because the process is so similar to getting a tattoo. If you are still concerned, a cryogenic device is used. This numbs your skin’s outer layer by delivering cool air to your skin for the entire laser removal treatment. This decreases most of the discomfort and pain you would ordinarily feel. Although they are generally unnecessary, we offer state-of-the-art numbing Tattoo Removal numbing solutions.