Whether it’s your ex’s name or a huge piece you always have to try and cover for work, you may find yourself regretting your tattoo. You can have your unwanted tattoo removed, but there are some things you should understand about the process before you start. The first is that tattoo removal is, in fact, a process, that will require several sessions. Here are several more things you need to do and know before having your tattoo removed.

Get a Consultation

Every tattoo is different, and the specifics of the removal process depend on the age, type and color of the ink. Location also plays a role. As such, you should never trust a tattoo removal price quote from anyone who hasn’t actually seen your tattoo. Qualified tattoo removal professionals want you to understand exactly what to expect during your specific tattoo removal process and won’t charge you for that information. If the clinic won’t give you a free consultation, call another.

Understand Color

Tattoos removal involves using laser light at various wavelengths because a single wavelength just won’t work on every ink color. Before beginning the removal process, make sure that the removal clinic you’ve chosen has the necessary equipment to produce laser light at different wavelengths and remove every ink color. Typically, black ink is the easiest to remove, followed by red. Blues, greens and purples, however, are harder to break down.

Unfortunately, not all black inks are created equal. Some black inks get built on a blue or green base, making them more difficult to remove. There is no way to know what type of black ink yours is until your clinician observes your ink’s reaction to the laser. This means even if your tattoo contains only black ink, your removal team may still need the ability to remove multiple ink colors.

Review the Resume

You probably wouldn’t see your dentist for arthritis or your rheumatologist for a cavity. Tattoo removal, too, is a unique specialty and is best performed only by a qualified and certified tattoo removal specialist. Find someone who focuses only on tattoo removal or does them quite often. Ask to see before and after pictures of their work and get references. Don’t risk exposing your skin to low-quality rented equipment or an inadequately trained technician. At InkAway, our entire staff is licensed and experienced in using the state-of-the-art lasers to remove your unwanted tattoo.

No Pain, No Gain

Getting a tattoo hurts, and so does having it removed. Although the pain certainly won’t be unbearable, you can expect to experience the sensation of someone snapping a rubber band against your skin during the tattoo removal process. Removing a tattoo takes less time than getting it, so if you were able to tolerate getting tattooed, you’ll have no problem getting untattooed. If you’re concerned, however, rest assured that InkAway uses a cooling system for tattoo removal. This system cools the skin before, during and after tattoo removal to make the process much more comfortable.

A Note on Creams and Lotions

Don’t allow infomercials and clever ads to convince you that there’s an easier way to remove your tattoo. Topical treatments like creams and lotions have not received approval from the FDA for tattoo removal. These products are completely ineffective as tattoo removal agents but have caused rashes, burns, scarring and permanent skin discoloration. The only noninvasive treatment for tattoo removal that the FDA has ever approved is laser removal. Stay safe and consult a professional about your tattoo removal.

So if you’re looking for the best place to remove your tattoo around Philadelphia, look no further thank InkAway. Consultations are always complimentary, so please call or complete your online appointment request today!