If you didn’t know, there are as many as 40-percent of the Americans out there sporting a tattoo of some form. With that in mind, there are several things that should be considered when looking at tattoo and ink skin care. Don’t give in to the talk, because a tattoo can and will burn just like the rest of the skin on your body.

Having a nice tattoo seems to be something that many people want. Tattoos are also a fun way to showcase artistic style as well. You might want to flash that new ink or the super detailed ink on your back at the beach, but you might want to reconsider your ideas after reading these facts and tips about keeping your tattoo from the sun.

Skin Cancer Myth

There is an on-going myth that tattooed skin can increase the risk of skin cancer. This is entirely false, but you should be paying attention to that freshly tattooed skin until it has healed completely. One thing many people jump to do is use sunscreen, but since your skin has been traumatized, you need to avoid sunscreen and follow the care instructions provided by the tattoo artist about protecting your ink from the sun.

No Special Sunscreen

Despite common thoughts, you don’t need a special tattoo sunscreen to keep the harmful rays away. In fact, all of your skin needs to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. A tattoo doesn’t change that fact. Since the standard sunscreen is SPF 30 or even higher, you should be applying this sunscreen every one to two hours. If you’re particularly worried about those tattoos under the sunscreen, opt for a sunscreen that has 8-percent zinc oxide to reflect the sun instead of block it. You could also wear a thin cotton material layer over your ink to protect it.

Sun and Fading

Another huge misconception is the idea that the sun fades your ink. However, the only party that is guilty of fading your tattoos is time. Constant exposure to the sun, tanning beds, and more are one of the major causes of your tattoos fading, but time is the biggest culprit. You should also be avoiding all the extra exposure to the sun and tanning beds as well because it is bad for your skin as well as the look of your tattoo.

Just a Tip

If you have particular concerns about the health of your skin before, during, and after the tattooing process, there is one little tip that can help give you some peace of mind. Instead of getting a tattoo directly beside a mole or discoloration on your skin, try getting it somewhere else. When you get ink beside a mole, it can be difficult for the dermatologist or your doctor to monitor all of your skin for signs of skin cancer.


Skin cancer is a real thing, but tattoos neither prevent skin care or make it worse. With so many misconceptions out there about tattoos and sun exposure, it is no wonder that so many people seem against having a tattoo anywhere on their body. If you have a tattoo or you are considering getting one, just remember to wear sunscreen all over your body and not just on your ink. Remember to avoid tattooing by a mole, and remember to take care of your skin no matter where your tattoo is located, how detailed it is, and more.

Your skin is important, and the health of your skin looks and feels amazing. You can show off that beautiful ink art, but remember to apply sunscreen and avoid too much exposure to the sun’s rays to prevent skin cancer and fading of your ink.

Removing an unwanted Tattoo

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