Names may seem empty, but they contain remnants of a person’s soul. This is the reason why hearing the name of a loved one can bring up memories. Many can see the beauty in a name, especially lovers, and this can lead some to getting a tattoo. The idea of carrying the name of a loved one is definitely a romantic gesture, but the truth is that it might be a mistake.

The End of a Romance

It might not be what budding lovers want to hear, but the fact is that one of the most popular reasons people go through a tattoo removal is because a relationship ended.

There is no telling what makes love end. To some, it is something that happens over time while others have a more abrupt ending. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to this type of falling out, such as issues at work or being over stressed. Some fall out of love because they do not spend enough time with their loved ones.

Yes, undying love is possible, but that does not mean it is guaranteed, and your tattoo will be on your body permanently.

Painful Reminder

Many power ballads and romantic songs retell the story of unrequited love or love that has perished. The one thing that these songs have in common is that they confide the truth about love and how much it could hurt.

The love you feel for your partner can transform before your eyes, which will also transform your tattoo. It could go from reminding you of a love that lasts forever to a reminder of how your love was extinguished. Some relationships end so badly that the name of the person could break your heart, and yet the tattoo remains.

Keep in mind that the tattoo will also spark a conversation between you and other future lovers. You will be asked to relive your past, and your new partner might feel strange knowing you loved a person enough to tattoo his or her name on your body but have not tattooed your new partner’s name.

Relationships Under Ink

Some people believe that tattooing a lover’s name is like jinxing the entire relationship. Sure, it sounds a little superstitious, but there is a grain of truth in the concept.

A tattoo is the closest thing to a wedding ring. Getting a tattoo might seem fun, daring, and romantic, but after the initial positive feelings, others may creep in. You or your partner may start thinking about the nature of your relationship. One of you might wonder if ‘forever’ was something you were really ready to consider.

Some partners feel like the tattoo was just a tool to keep him or her latched on forever, which can feel like imprisonment. In short, getting a tattoo is not a simple decision but one that requires a lot of thought regarding the relationship and honesty between two lovers. Sadly, these types of conversations do not always happen, or they lead to the relationship ending. People who do not think tattoos out completely may need laser tattoo removal.

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