Should You Get A White Ink Tattoo?

Tattoo Removal

White ink tattoos were named a common trend of 2016.  Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Shay Mitchell are a few of the many celebrities who rock this trend. Many believe these tattoos are the most beautiful, but like anything, there can also be some negative outcomes with these tattoos.  People who plan to get white ink tattoos need to be very cautious and aware of the positive and negative aspects.

There are many positive aspects to white ink tattoo, a major one being the lightness of the tattoo.  Because the tattoo is so light, it will be much easier to cover up if needed for a job or any other circumstance.  Some people may not even notice you have the tattoo, so you may not even have to cover it up.

A major con of having white ink tattoos is the way the tattoo ages.  When the tattoo starts to fade, it may give off a yellow appearance because of its translucent nature.  It may also leave your skin discolored and bruised.

After learning more about the positives and negatives of these tattoos, some people will decide to get one, while others will be turned off from the idea.  This is completely up to your personal opinions.  The most important tip for keeping white ink tattoos looking as great as possible is to keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight exposure as much as possible.  This will cause your tattoo to fade less, decreasing your chances of it turning yellow.