The Best Time To Get Your Tattoo Removed

Tattoo Removal

Spring and summer are the most popular times for the laser tattoo removal industry.  This is primarily because within these months, people are showing more skin than they do in fall and winter.  This makes it harder to cover any unwanted tattoos, making people want to get laser tattoo removal.

Although tattoo removal in spring and summer is popular, that does not mean it is the best months to get it done.  It is actually in your best interest to get your tattoo removed in the fall and winter months for more than one reason.

Getting your tattoo removed in fall or winter will ensure that your tattoo is at least faded if not gone by the time summer rolls around.  This will make your unwanted tattoo less noticeable in a bathing suit.

It is also best to remove your tattoo in the winter and fall due to sunlight exposure.  It is recommended to keep the healing tattoo out of direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.  It is easier to do this in the fall and winter months than it is to do in the summer.

Even if it seems like everyone is getting their tattoos removed in the warmer months, it is recommended to start laser tattoo removal during the cooler seasons.