Why Should You Choose Ink Away

Tattoo Removal

Ink Away provides the best laser tattoo removal services in the tri-state area with the lowest prices!  With an incredibly talented, friendly, and caring staff, you can be sure you will receive the highest quality service.  We also use the state of the art Astanza Trinity Laser, which has been a huge success in removing tattoos.

We have prices as low as $99 per treatment, compared to other places in the area that are almost double that amount.  Visit our pricing comparison page to learn more about the great prices we offer.

Here at Ink Away, we use the most advanced laser on the market.  The Astanza Trinity removes 99% of ink colors, which is more than any other laser is capable of removing.  You can count on this laser to get the job done.

We have been rated 5 stars by our incredibly loyal clients and would love for you to join our family at Ink Away.  To see the ratings we have received click here.  We would love to see you, so feel free to book a free consultation meeting by clicking here.  Hope to see you soon!