Be Cautious of UV/Black Light Ink Tattooing

With Every new concept comes an opportunity for a true tattoo artist to express himself. No where is that more apparent than in the relatively new concept of UV/Black light tattooing. Based on the evolution and refinement of tattoo inks, UV/Black light tattoos are virtually invisible to the naked eye but when presented under a UV/Black type of lighting, present in many of today’s night clubs, the tattoos come to life.

Many of the traditional inks found in tattoos consist of aluminum, cobalt and copper. Even though these inks have been applied and test through years of applications there is still not an FDA standard for acceptable tattoo inks that can enter  the human body. UV/Black Light tattoos consist of derivatives that are found in automotive paints which is not something the human body can easily digest. Therefore, allergic reactions to these inks can be quite common.

Proceed with caution.