Why Do People Get Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoos have been around for decades, even centuries, and are now considered mainstream in today’s society. Tattoos and body art are used as a means of self-expression and defy all stereotypes and demographics. Up to 50 million Americans wear at least one tattoo on their skin, 70% being women and 30% being men. So if tattoos are so popular, why are people getting them removed? We’ve outlined the five biggest motivations as to why patients seek out laser tattoo removal.

Occupation Change

Despite the popular nature of tattoos, many people find it difficult to enter the workforce with visible tattoos. More people are removing their tattoos to get increase their chances of attaining a new or better career. This motivation is often seen in the Military, as the US Military enforces strict tattoo policies.

Recent Break-Up

While many people think getting a significant other’s name tattooed on their arm is a great sign of their love and commitment, they often find themselves in a sticky situation when their relationship takes a turn for the worse. Hundreds of people seek laser tattoo removal to remove an ex-lover’s name when going through a tough break-up or divorce.

Regretful Decisions

What seemed like a good decision at the time may not always bode well a couple years down the road, or even the morning after. Many people have made spur of the moment decisions that they end up regretting deeply. Laser tattoo removal is the perfect solution for getting rid of those embarrassing memories we just can’t seem to forget – but want so badly to.

Lifestyle Change

People in this category were often party animals and free spirits that have now transformed into hardworking, respectable adults. Whatever their tattoo is, it usually isn’t something they agree with anymore. Many parents often remove their tattoos for this reason, so that their children don’t have to see the wild mistakes they made when they were young.

Poor Quality

While there are many talented artists in the world, not all of them are as gifted as others. The masterpiece you had envisioned in your head may not have been applied permanently in your skin the way you had imagined. Many patients don’t research their tattoo artists beforehand and end up being victims to poor quality artwork and even misspellings.

Whatever your reason, InkAway is here to help. We provide top quality laser tattoo removal treatments to patients of all skin tones throughout Philadelphia. Our state-of-the art Astanza Duality laser is able to penetrate deep into your skin, shatter ink effectively, and promote faster fading in the fewest amount of treatments. If you’re interested in getting your tattoo removed, call us today and schedule your free consultation!