Exposing Top Four Common Myths Surrounding Tattoo Removal

Are you re-thinking that tattoo you got some time back? Tattoo removal is your only option at that point. Unfortunately, many will continue hiding that ink instead of removing it due to the multiple misconceptions that revolve around tattoo removal. For a significant part, the majority of people don’t grasp the concept of tattoo removal fully, and it’s mostly tainted as a painful process. We aim to debunk these myths and inform you of these four facts about tattoo removal, and hopefully, you will change your mind.

Myth #1: It’s safe to get your tattoo removed by anyone who claims to be an expert.

Similarly to how you researched the best tattoo artists when getting your ink is the same way you will find an expert in laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is a complex process that requires immense attention and skill to prevent skin damage. You might want to start with referrals from people who have experienced ink removal and make calls to the references to schedule consultations. You could also visit each location and request to see how they remove the tattoos. This is your chance to inquire about their services, if they are licensed, type of tools they use and any pain points you might want to clear. Narrow down your list to the best and the most satisfactory choice.

Myth #2: It isn’t painful to have tattoo ink removed.

Laser tattoo removal is definitely going to have some discomfort and pain, similar to when you first got the tattoo. However, most practitioners induce a numbing agent to help deal with the pain. This should be one of the determining factors when choosing an excellent laser tattoo removal practitioner. Ask them to disclose your pain relief options during and after the procedure.

Myth #3: All tattoos are usually easy to remove.

Tattoos differ in terms of size, complexity, and color depth; they are not equal. Other factors such as skin color, laser wavelength, age of the tattoo, an individual’s metabolism rate, and placement of the body determine the period of tattoo removal. In some cases, some tattoos require more than just one session of laser tattoo removal. Also, you will not expect to see a 100 percent clearance of the tattoo. Most laser tattoo removal procedures should clear about 90 percent, which is considered fair. Your chosen practitioner will examine the tattoo and let you know what to expect from the procedure.

Myth #4: Once your tattoo is removed, you don’t need to take care of the site.

The success of an engraved tattoo highly depends on the aftercare. Laser tattoo removal procedures are no exception. Like you would tender for a wound during the healing process, so should you on the affected site after removal. You will heal at your own pace depending on the complexity of the procedure, quality of the procedure, and type of skin. Your practitioner should guide you on how to take care of the wound to ensure that you recuperate well without inviting infections. For instance, how to clean and moisten the area, how to prevent infections, and how to avoid contaminating the affected area. Ensure that you follow up on check-ups to see the healing progress.


Getting a tattoo is often viewed as a lifetime decision. This could be the reason behind the myths and misconceptions that taint laser tattoo removal procedures. Thanks to technology advancement, it’s safe to say that laser tattoo removal procedures are safe when handled with qualified practitioners. We are dedicated to helping you move past these myths and help you achieve your desires.