Exercising Before and After Laser Tattoo Removal

Exercising prior to a laser tattoo removal session is no problem and may actually be helpful with the removal process.  Exercising gets the blood flowing and strengthens the immune system, which are both key aspects of laser tattoo removal.

Exercising immediately after laser tattoo removal is not recommended.  Depending on the size of the tattoo, you should wait between 1-2 days after each treatment before exercising.  The wait time also depends on how well your skin is healing, which is different for every person.

For smaller tattoos, you may only need to wait a day after each treatment before you can continue exercising.  Since the tattoo is small, it should not take that much time to heal.  If you do notice the tattoo becoming irritated or swollen, avoid exercising for another day and see how the tattoo is in 24 hours.

For larger tattoos, it is recommended to wait at least 2 days before exercising, but the wait can be longer depending on how fast the tattoo heals.  Wait at least two days and see how the tattoo is healing, then decide if it is safe to exercise or not.

Following the recommended wait time for exercising after each session is a crucial part of the tattoo removal process.  Exercising immediately after tattoo removal can cause swelling and blistering.  If your tattoo looks healed after the recommended wait time, you are free to exercise.  It is important to shower immediately after exercising to keep your tattoo clean.