The Winter Is The Best Time To Get A Tattoo

When deciding on which tattoo to get, the time of the year is usually one of the last things people think about if they even think about it at all.  People will most likely want to get their tattoo done in the summer because it is easier to show it off in these months and many people believe it will heal better if there is less clothing against it.  Contrary to popular belief, it is actually better to get a tattoo in the winter months.

One of the main reasons getting a tattoo in the winter months is better is because of the sun.  In the winter, you are exposed to sun less, making the tattoo heal faster.  If a tattoo is exposed to the sun too much, it can slow down the healing process, which is why getting tattoos in the summer is not the best idea.  You also sweat a lot more in the summer and if the sweat gets into the tattoo, it can irritate it.

During the healing process, the tattoo will scab and peel.  If you get the tattoo done in the winter, clothing will be covering this.  By the time summer rolls around, the tattoo should be completely healed and will look great when showing it off.

Although winter is the best time to get a tattoo, there are a few things you should consider when getting a tattoo in the winter.  Winter is the time when you are most likely to get sick, which means you have a weakened immune system.  The immune system helps heal the tattoo, so if you are sick it could extend the healing time of the tattoo, but not by much.