When do Most People Think About Removing Their Tattoos

As you can probably have guessed, tattoo removal request at InkAway are highest in the spring and summer months. Not surprising, that as we shed our extra winter 10 lbs we also desire to shed other things such as unwanted tattoos. Tattoo shedding is most contemplated when we are showing more skin in public. Thus the warm weather appointment request at InkAway grow considerably.

But did you know that the best time to get started with Laser Tattoo Removal is during the fall to winter months. Anyone who has done their research knows that tattoo removal, although extremely effective today, is a process that can take, depending on the characteristics of the tattoo, between 8-15 treatments to fade to the point of fully removed. Laser treatments can only be applied every 4-6 weeks to promote healing and allow the body to flush out the particularized ink caused by each laser treatment. View our healing tip under our aftercare tab

So for a client that has a tattoo the size of a index card starting a treatment in October would by that next summer, show little or no resemblance of their old tattoo. In the laser tattoo removal world good planning is your best strategy to achieve your desired results.