Three Reasons You Should Fade Before Covering Your Tattoo

Even the most ardent ink lovers may find themselves not so happy with an existing tattoo on their body. Perhaps, it looked better on paper than skin. Maybe, it just no longer applies to your life. Whatever the reason behind the desire to coverup the tattoo with new art, one thing remains a universal concern. No one wants to make the situation worse; you want quality coverup work.

To give your tattoo artist the best base to do that quality work, you’ll want to ensure your first step is tattoo lightening. Tattoo lightening isn’t the same as tattoo removal. In just a few sessions, the lightening laser fades the tattoo. It’s still visible, but now your artist can easily begin to work on a new tattoo to cover the existing one up.

Not sure if you need this extra step in the coverup process? Here are just a few reasons why lightening should be considered a necessary, not “extra” step before starting a tattoo coverup.

Three Reasons You Should Fade Before Covering Your Tattoo

1. Professional Tattoo Lightening Saves You Money

A complete tattoo removal is a process that can take many sessions before fully removed, and you typically pay for the service per session.

Tattoo lightening is a way to prepare the tattooed skin for new ink by decreasing the intensity and amount of old ink present. In doing so, it smoothens the canvas and reduces the underlying ink from interfering with application and aesthetics of your new artwork. The old tattoo is camouflaged better under the new ink, and your new ink can have more crisp lines and vivid colors.

2. Professional Tattoo Lightening Minimizes Risk And Simplifies The Coverup Process

There are many horror stories from people tackling tattoo lightening as a DIY project. The risk verses reward never favors DIY lightening. You risk permanently and severely damaging your skin, which can nix the coverup process or make it even more difficult a job than it was to start.

On the other hand, professional lightening using laser tattoo removal technology minimizes the risk of damaging your skin, and the end result will be an easier coverup process for both you and the tattoo artist.

3. Professional Tattoo Lightening Shows You Tattoos Aren’t Forever Decisions

You’re tired of the design, you no longer even speak to someone who’s name is on your skin, your tattoo artist goofed up and misspelled a word or didn’t capture the vision of your design choice, or your tattoo’s aesthetics have faded or blurred with age or improper care? Whatever the reasoning behind your discontent with your tattoo, it doesn’t have to be a forever decision. As the tattoo fades with laser lightening, you’ll be able to see a whole new set of possibilities and how exactly you’d like your old tattoo covered with new art.

Similar to the tattoo removal process, the number of lightening sessions you’ll need vary based on the tattoo’s size, design, colors, and so forth. It’s always best to involve your tattoo artist in the lightening process so that they can monitor the progress and make the call on when the tattoo has been faded enough to yield the best canvas for the coverup tattoo.

If you are interested in lightening your tattoo, contact InkAway.  Our laser tattoo removal technology can help you fade an existing tattoo faster and safer than ever.