Tattoo Shops and Cleanliness

Tattoo Removal

The cleanliness of a tattoo parlor should be your number one concern while deciding where to go for your tattoo.  There are many benefits to picking a clean shop and there are many risks in picking a tattoo shop that is not clean.

Picking a clean tattoo parlor should relieve some of your worries and it will also cause less risks for you.  A clean shop should be a place that uses sterile needles, wears fresh gloves for every tattoo, and has a clean shop overall.  These places may be the ones with the longest wait lists, but it is definitely worth it to wait in order to insure that your tattoo is safely done.

There are many risks associated to going to a dirty tattoo parlor.  Some are minor, but there are also risks that can be life threatening.  If a tattoo shop uses unsterile needles, there is a chance that infection could be spread.  More serious, blood diseases including HIV and hepatitis could also be spread.

Always remember to make cleanliness your number one priority when getting a tattoo.  This could end up saving your life.  Choosing to go to a uncleanly tattoo shop puts you at risk for life threatening diseases and could easily be avoided by taking time to research and visit different places before making your final decision.