Sun exposure and laser tattoo removal.

In order to get good results from laser tattoo removal, you need to have a healthy immune system. This can give you the quickest results because it aids in the healing process. We have already discussed the connection between good results from laser tattoo removal and the immune system in a previous article. Now, we would like to talk about sun exposure and laser tattoo removal.

It is common for our clients to ask questions about when and how often they can sunbathe while going through a series of laser tattoo removal sessions. We will answer all your questions below.

The Impact the Sun Has on Your Skin

One of the best ways to spend the day is to lie out in the sun. The sun allows your skin to tan, helping you to achieve that healthy glow. Exposure to the sun offers many benefits, including helping your body produce vitamin D, which is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. This sunshine vitamin plays a significant role in supporting the immune system, boosting metabolism, and helping maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Spending time in the sun also causes your body to produce melanin. As the melanin soaks up radiation from the sun, it turns your skin brown.

What to Know about Melanin

As your body produces more melanin, your skin will tan or even burn. This is not something that mixes well with laser tattoo removal. When you visit us for a laser tattoo removal treatment, you want your skin to be as responsive as possible. When you have a tan, the energy from the laser is not able to fragment the ink in the tattoo under the surface of your skin in the same way that it would be able to if your skin was a natural tone. If you want your tattoo to be gone as quickly as possible, avoid exposure to the sun.

What to Know about Sunbathing

If you have to spend time in the sun, limit the time you spend a sunbathing. Try to spend no more than 10 minutes out in the sun each time you go out. And use a sunscreen that is SPF 50 and is clear and dries quickly.

We recommend that you do not sunbathe at least six weeks before visiting us for a laser tattoo removal session. After a treatment session, we recommend that you wait at least four weeks before sunbathing. If you have decided to get rid of a tattoo and want to see the best results, you may have to sacrifice some time sunbathing.

What about Fake Tans?

You may be wondering if you can get a fake tan while going through the laser tattoo removal process. We recommend that you do not use fake tan products before or after laser removal treatments. You should avoid these products at least two weeks before treatment and for at least two weeks post-treatment.

Fake tan products contain toxins. When your body is exposed to these toxins, your immune system will not be as healthy, which can have a negative impact on the healing process your skin will go through as it tries to remove ink from an unwanted tattoo. Also, some products contain activators. These can react to the laser and lead to pigmentation issues.

A Final Word

If you are living with tattoo regret and decide that laser tattoo removal is the right way to go, avoid exposure to the sun and fake tans. This will lead to a quicker tattoo removal process. It will not be long before you will be sitting out in the sun with your friends and family and showing off a body that is free of unwanted tattoos. Contact our friendly laser tattoo specialists today to learn more.