Nothing Says Love Like Removing Ex Ink For Valentine’s Day

We’ve All Been There…

We all love love. It’s one of those universally shared emotions that link all people together in a common human experience. It makes us feel on top of the world, ready to take on anything, and most of all, ready to express it. Some unfortunate souls out there express their love by getting a tattoo of their partner on themselves. While we’re certain that almost everyone who’s done this has been warned repeatedly not to, it still happens every single day. Someone rushes out to get some ink of a current lover. Why not?!

Even the invincible Kat Von D did this when she was dating Jesse James way back in the day. She vowed she’d never remove the tattoo. That loving sentiment changed very quickly when she discovered that James was cheating on her, too (we all remember his fiasco with Sandra Bullock). As a serial philanderer, James perhaps wasn’t the best person in the world to immortalize in ink, but as they say, “love is blind.” And foolish. And not too bright sometimes. Von D wisely decided to have the tattoo removed at a later date, and she felt great about the decision.

No One Has To Stay There

Thanks to tattoo laser removal, these foolish expressions in ink are no longer a permanent curse. You can easily have that tattoo of an ex removed, or you can help out a current partner by giving them the gift that keeps on giving: laser removal of their own exes ink from their body work. A gift certificate for tattoo laser removal gives your partner the opportunity to say goodbye forever to one of the biggest mistakes of their lives: their pesky ex.

Laser removal has become as commonplace as tattoos themselves. In the old days, it was expensive and time consuming. Now it’s a piece of cake, and what a delicious piece of cake it is when it’s in the name of removing the memory of one of their biggest mistakes! Don’t let your current partner suffer another day longer. Remember them on Valentine’s Day with a delightful gift certificate for tattoo removal. They’re going to thank you in a big way.

Delete That Ink Today

Love and life in general are complicated sometimes. Tattoos are an excellent way to express facets of your personality, but they are generally never a good way to express your love for someone. Slapping a full-size childhood portrait of an ex on your body can go tragically awry very quickly when things in the relationship turn sour. Tattoos have a reputation for being permanent, while relationships have a reputation for being very not permanent. Even half of all marriages end in divorce. Pre-marital relationships are going to suffer an even higher rate of failure, and when that happens, you’re stuck with permanent ink immortalizing what turned out to be a very painful mistake (your ex).

InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal is here to help you get rid of that disconcerting, but artistic tattoo of your loved one’s ex that keeps ruining their day all day everyday. It’s a positive step in your relationship, too when you help them rid themselves of that atrocity and get on with your own lives together in a way that’s not flooded with reminders of the less than desirable past. Say “I Love You!” in a big way by handing them a gift certificate for tattoo laser removal. You’ll be ridding them of more than just a tattoo; you’ll be helping them move forward with you in a way that is befitting of the spirit of Valentine’s Day.