How to have Fun over the Summer after Laser Tattoo Removal

Having a laser tattoo removal treatment over the summer doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your summer at the pool or beach. There are just a couple rules you should follow, but don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

The first two weeks after treatment are the most important to keep the treated area covered and treated with Aquaphor, Polysporin or Vitamin E ointment while outside. One reason to keep covered is to block the sun from over-exposing your skin which could cause hypo or hyper pigmentation. More reasons are to prevent infection, prevent scabs from falling off, and to prevent the skin from becoming too moist which all could lead to scarring or improper healing. But this step doesn’t have to be hard. I recommend investing in a couple boxes of Tegaderm (can be purchased on Amazon), or a roll of Tatuderm (

Easy as 1, 2, 3!!

  1. Apply an ultra-thin layer of Aquaphor on the entire treated area.
  2. Cover the entire treated area with a non-stick pad.
  3. Cover the pad with water proof Tegaderm or Tatuderm. If possible, apply the Tegaderm or Tatuderm 3 inches larger than the treated area.

To insure proper application of the Tegaderm or Tatuderm, make sure the area is clean, dry and shaved.
Always drink your water and use sunblock.

By: Dawn Mount