Can removing a permanent body tattoo change your life?

Are permanent tattoos life-changing when added? Can removing a permanent body tattoo change your life? On this episode of The Good Neighbor Podcast, Delco ,  you’ll hear host Bob Blaisse interview Matt Russo and Stephanie Sapp of InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal to get to answers related to those two bookend questions. Listen to founder Matt Russo’s inspiring story of his witnessing the growing regret of many over their no longer wanted tattoos, which led him to start up InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal, now with offices in Chadds Ford, PA and King of Prussia, PA. You’ll also learn valuable insights from InkAway’s Vice President of Operations, Stephanie Sapp’s expertise of regularly calming clients’ nerves, demystifying the tattoo removal process and addressing common concerns about pain, cost and tattoo removal effectiveness. Those and many other frequently asked questions that Matt and Stephanie have also published on their website,, make this a must-listen to episode for anyone thinking about getting a permanent tattoo, or anyone unhappy about having a tattoo for life, which they would like to no longer be seen for the rest of their life.