Apple Watch and Tattoos

As high tech as Apple products are today, the Apple Watch does not react well to tattoos.  If your wrists are tattooed, it might not even be worth it to spend money on one of these watches because it could just end up being a waste of money.  Wearing the watch over tattoos can cause the watch to not work how it is intended to.  For those who are suspicious of this and don’t believe that it could actually be true, Apple has confirmed the difficulties linked between the watch and tattoos.

Dark ink tattoos seem to be the ink color that causes the watch to malfunction the most.  One feature of the watch is a heart rate monitor.  Dark ink tattoos can cause the heart rate function to show incorrect readings.  The ink, pattern, and saturation of tattoos can block light from reaching the sensor, making it impossible to get an accurate reading of your heart rate.

Other features of the Apple Watch that can be affected by tattoos include Apple Pay, making phone calls, and even entering your passcode in some cases.

If you want an Apple Watch bad enough, you should avoid tattooing your wrists and if you already have a tattoo in that area, you may need to remove your tattoo for the watch to function fully and properly.  This scenario makes you wonder if tattoos could hinder the way other technologies work in the future and could make you think twice before getting a tattoo.