Tattooing A Minor

Tattoo Removal

The legal age to get a tattoo in most states is eighteen.  Some states allow tattoos at age sixteen, but this is very uncommon.  There is a process that needs to be followed by the parents of the minor in order for their child to get a tattoo.  Tattoo parlors who do not follow these rules can face serious consequences if they are caught.

In some states, a parent just needs to be with their child while they are getting a tattoo if they are under the legal age.  The parent will accompany the child to the tattoo parlor and give verbal or written consent and then the minor is ready to go.

In other states, minors just need to get prior written consent from a parent or guardian before getting a tattoo.  This means that the parent would not need to come to the tattoo parlor with them.  This can be risky because it is easy to forge written consent.

There are also cases where both prior written consent and presence of the parent or guardian is necessary in order for a minor to get a tattoo.  In my opinion, this seems like the safest way for a minor to get a tattoo.

Although this is uncommon, there are a few states including Alaska that will not allow the tattooing of a minor even if parental consent is given.

In order to keep everyone safe and out of trouble, it is in everyone’s best interest to follow the rules of their state when it comes to tattooing a minor.  Getting a tattoo can be a fun and memorable experience when done properly.