The Location of Your Tattoo and Removal Results

This may surprise many people, but the location of your tattoo affects how fast the tattoo will be removed when using laser tattoo removal.  This has to do with the circulation of your blood.  Places that have better blood circulation will remove the tattoo faster because the blood cells are what moves the ink out of your skin.

Upper body tattoos are the easiest tattoos to remove and can sometimes be done in fewer treatments than tattoos on the mid and lower body.  Upper body tattoos are located close to the heart, which means those areas receive the best blood circulation.  This makes it very easy for the ink to be taken away.

Mid body tattoos, including your thighs, stomach, and hips, are still fairly easy to remove, but will take more time than upper body tattoos.  The blood circulation in this area works at an average pace, allowing the tattoo to be removed within a decent time frame.

Lower body tattoos are still removable, but these are the hardest to get off.  Since the lower body, including your feet, ankles, and lower legs, are far from the heart, the blood circulation is slower.  Removing these tattoos could possible take a few more treatments than removing upper body tattoos, but in the end, the tattoo will still be fully removed.

No matter where your tattoo is located, it is still possible to have your tattoo fully removed.  For a free consultation with one of our specialists, visit our Get Started page.